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This is the Page of Bob

Technically, it's more than one page. It's like a bunch of pages. But when site was first created (some time in September, 1997) it was just a single page. The name stuck, even if it hasn't aged well.

My name is Bob Davidson. I'm a father, husband, web developer, musician, and all-round creative but not that creative spirit. This is my playground on the web where I write words and sentences that presumably no living soul will read.

These are my stories. (clunk clunk)

Latest Posts

It's Not Quite Like Drowning

Some people think depression is just an extended sadness. This is wrong, of course. I don't really know what depression is, but I tasked myself with trying to describe it. This is what I came up with.

Why I Program

Why did I start programming and why do I continue to do it to this day? It's the answer you never asked for! In this incredibly self-indulgent article, I chronicle my developer journey.

This is the Worst Broom Store in Town

This was originally posted under the unwieldy title of “An Unreasoned, Ill-researched, Uninformed, and Biased Analysis of the Rise in Health Care Costs by a Guy Who Doesn't Know Anything.” Turns out only the last five words were accurate.

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