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This is the Page of Bob

Technically, it's more than one page. It's like a bunch of pages. But when site was first created (some time in September, 1997) it was just a single page. The name stuck, even if it hasn't aged well.

My name is Bob Davidson. I'm a father, husband, web developer, musician, and all-round creative but not that creative spirit. This is my playground on the web where I write words and sentences that presumably no living soul will read.

These are my stories. (clunk clunk)

Latest Posts

The Seven Suns of Glaxicon Iota Nine

In which I begin and never finish the greatest sci-fi novel never written.

It's Not Quite Like Drowning

Some people think depression is just an extended sadness. This is wrong, of course. I don't really know what depression is, but I tasked myself with trying to describe it. This is what I came up with.

Why I Program

Why did I start programming and why do I continue to do it to this day? It's the answer you never asked for! In this incredibly self-indulgent article, I chronicle my developer journey.

This is the Worst Broom Store in Town

This was originally posted under the unwieldy title of “An Unreasoned, Ill-researched, Uninformed, and Biased Analysis of the Rise in Health Care Costs by a Guy Who Doesn't Know Anything.” Turns out only the last five words were accurate.

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